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Track Record Case: Lobby & Advocacy for GBV Law in Burundi

Every #16days of activism for the elimination of GBV, CARE shares inspiration about how we, together, can achieve #genderequality and eliminate #GBV.  Through this track record case, you will get to know the approaches and interventions utilized by CARE Burundi and partners when advocating for amendments to the GBV law and policies in Burundi. It highlights the successes and shortcomings of those efforts as well as opportunities to further lobby and advocacy efforts in Burundi. Click HERE to access the full report



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Every Voice Counts

Nawe Nuze

Twuzuzanye (win-win)

Twuzuzanye (win-win) - Research

Gender Equality & Women Empowerment (GEWEP)

ARC - Nyubahiriza

P.O.W.E.R Africa



SISI Vijana


Women & Youth

CARE Burundi has two long term programs for Women’s (WEP) and Youth (YEP) empowerment. Both programs have a similar impact goal, the realization of fundamental rights for their impact groups, focussing on the rights to education, health, economic activity, security and participation in decision


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CARE Burundi is appreciated for its neutrality, its commitment to its principles and its partnership approach, and is recognized as one of a few international NGOs systematically addressing the deep-rooted societal and cultural issues behind the violation of the rights of vulnerable women in Burundi.


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Burundi by Numbers

Want to know more about the statistics of Burundi? Here you can find all the information you want to know about the country, its people and the many differnt population groups by region,etc.


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CARE Burundi’s strategic plan for 2016-2020 includes six strategic directions, five of which are programmatic and relate closely to the program elements and one of which is organizational, focussing on the consolidation of the partnership’s capacities, collaboration, learning culture, systems and procedures.